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HypnoBirthing Classes Adelaide South

Congratulations & Welcome

Naomi is a Certified HypnoBirthing International practitioner who specializes in small group HypnoBirthing classes. Naomi realizes how important bringing a little life into this world is and how important that journey is for every parent. Her courses are for those who want the knowledge and tools to create an empowered, calm instinctive birthing.

A complete birth education to help you connect with your natural ability to birth,

for a more comfortable, calm & positive birth!

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"What Parents are Saying about HypnoBirthing"

I had trouble relaxing as my mind is very busy, but Naomi worked closely with me, and we tried different positions until we found the one that worked for me. I loved how she had so much time to make sure that I definitely got it. I felt so much more confident.

My husband was very sceptical at first but came along to support me. By the end of the first session he was blown away by the information Naomi provided about our bodies design and was totally converted.

LF Oct 2020

Naomi has such a calm way about her, so it was really easy to learn the relaxation techniques with her. My husband actually started snoring in our third lesson! We feel so confident now about our birth.

LF Nov 2020

KB Oct 2020

What IF...


Your labour was shorter


You may not need to use anesthesia


You feel energised after birth


You are comfortable and relaxed during labour and birth


You are confident communicating with your care providers


Your baby is more calm, relaxed and feeds well


Your birth partner is totally confident to support you during birth

“My Dream Is That Every Woman Everywhere Will Know The Joy Of A Safe, Satisfying Birth, For Both Her Herself And Her Baby”

– Marie F. Mongan (Founder) 1989

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What are the Benefits of HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing has many benefits for pregnancy, birth and parenting. Whilst we don’t promise births free of pain or unanticipated events, we do know from our data that doing HypnoBirthing greatly reduces the need for interventions, pain medications and surgical birth. Our mothers are reporting their births are shorter, more comfortable using the techniques, and their babies are calm and nurturing well.

Fear is one of the leading causes of traumatic birth, and HypnoBirthing mothers approach their birth feeling confident and free of the fear that causes pain, and causes many parents to accept unnecessary intervention that can cascade their birth for disappointing outcomes.

HypnoBirthing couples are informed and through their knowledge from the course are able to advocate for their choices and ensure they choose care providers that support them to reach their birth goals. Partners are taught to support mum in a way that makes their birth partnership one that they will cherish forever.