What is a Clearing Coach?

You already have all of the knowledge, power and courage inside of you, to have the life that you want,  however during life, particularly up to the age of 6,  we take on the limitations imposed on us by family, society and relationships and start to doubt ourselves.


We create unhealthy coping mechanisms and can become stuck, trapped by our own beliefs and experiences..... or we hit a "ceiling" of how much we deserve to have, and we self sabotage.


A Clearing Coach works to identify hidden blockages and determine the root cause of them ... once the root cause is found it is simple to :

* CLEAR these blockages

*CLEAR the life obstacles to getting what you want

*Create a CLEAR plan of action




The evidence based techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis allow us to move quickly! CLEARING the junk and creating a CLEAR vision, with small simple steps.

It is a simple as that!

"There is NOTHING wrong with you, you just need to get CLEAR".

All clients receive take home tools to continue to support themselves and create lasting change. 


Naomi is a Mindset coach, Trainer and Speaker, specialising in behavioural profiling and Mental Wellness. She is also a certified Hypnotherapist, specialising in:

  • Anxiety & Stress Related issues

  • Emotional self regulation

  • Self Confidence

  • Teenage Depression & Anxiety

  • Weight loss

  •  Trauma Release including Birth Trauma

  •  Physical and mental Burnout

  •  Phobias



" . . . Naomi is an excellent coach and I'm so thankful she's helped me develop strategies and systems to up-level my business! . . ."

. . . Emily McCourt

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